Still in the queue for your BBM to be activated, there is trick here (try it while it last) ha ha.

So you are excited to try Blackberry Messenger on your android phone or iphone? But the waiting list is killing your mood. Ha ha you are not alone. Here are tricks to cut queue and get it to work on your phone. We have tried it on many android phones and iPhone. It may not work anymore if Blackberry developer have close this loophole.

1. Find friend that already received the confirmation email from blackberry.
2. When you open up the BBM app and asked to enter your email, enter your friend email and Next
3. Dun worry, your friend email is just to jump the line and voila you are in and asked to enter or create new blackberry id.

You will still received email confirmation from blackberry to verify your account. Just follow the steps in the email and you are fine.

As mention on this title, use this tips while it works. ha ha.

BBM for android and IOS is ready.

BBM android
BBM android

Yes at last the waiting is over. Now Blackberry Messenger is ready for download for both IOS phone and android phones. The only catch here is you will need to queue in line for your BBM be online. The blackberry developer use this line to manage the growth of the users. Good tactics but it is killing to wait for activation. As mention on the blackberry blog, if you already sign up the notification last few months in their site then you don’t have to queue anymore (as what I did) , but if not then you will be in the waiting list. Happy waiting then. ha2. There is actually some tips how to bypass the waiting list but I tried and it doesn’t work.

Basically the interface is ok and after fiddling a while I am able to use the apps quite well.

I can see the end of Blackberry hardware this year but hopefully more innovation is coming for the blackberry messenger.


More people Queuing for iPhone 5.

Almost all around the world, when iPhone 5 launch today, the iPhone fan is queuing to get one. Like in London, the queue have caused traffic jam and some fan even have camped to get a queue number in order to be the 1st to get the phone. Everybody is so eager to get hold the phone which lighter, bigger screen, faster processor, slimmer and installed with the latest ios.

iPhone 5 Queue in New York.

In Singapore, the launch is started with big bang where 3 providers is revealing their price plan. If you are a Singaporean you can even get the phone for free by contracting a higher phone plan from Singtel. Attached the picture of the plan comparison by telcos in Singapore.

iPhone 5 Production Cost is less than US$168

UBM TechInsights, one of the tech UK company reveals the component cost for making iPhone 5 is less than US$168. It is US$35 more expensive compared to the cost of iPhone 4S. The higher additional cost is on the newer A6 processor US$28 and then the Qualcomm 4G LTE modem US25.

iPhone 5 is sold for US$649 worlwide, so you can imagine how much Apple made by selling the hardware. Anyway we are also paying for the sexyness, brand name and research cost right. Anyway I might get one anyway. he2

iPhone5 BOM


OMG iPhone 5 with super advanced features announced by Fox 5 News.

Oh wow , laser keyboard and holographic features. WOW.
As recorded in youtube, the Fox 5 News “added” two supers features to iPhone 5, it will come with laser keyboard and holographic projector projecting the screen into thin air. If it is available now, I will also wait in the queue for iPhone 5. ha2. Sure this news will boost more people into the line. ha2.

The video clips shown in the news is actually concept video for iPhone 5 design (rumour before iPhone 5 announced), and these are features that all of us dreamt about. but unfortunately it is just a concept for now. ;p I just wonder whether that the news editor checked the news content before it was broadcasted. Lesson learnt.

Interesting …..


DroidTips : How to take screen shot in Android Phone 4 and above

Simple tips to take screen capture of android phone.

1. On your Android 4.0 / ICS phone, go to the screen you want to capture.

2. Then press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons for 2-3 seconds.

3. This will capture the screen and save it into your Gallery > Screenshots. On your phone’s memory card or memory, it will save these photos into the Pictures/Screenshots folder.

As simple as 1, 2, 3

This is the sample taken with built-in features of Android 4.0 and above.

App 2 SD – Apps Management Made Easy

Do you have many apps and games installed to your Android phone / tablet? And you are using up your phone memory now due to the apps was installed in the phone memory. Google Play Store will install new app to phone memory by default. Some apps can actually move to SD card and it will save your phone memory and allow you to install more apps.
You can move the apps from settings in your phone and try one by one whether the app is moveable to SD card or not. A lot of hassle.

But with App 2 SD, the process is simplified because the app will actually filter out apps that is moveable to SD Card and then you can start moving it to your SD Card and save your phone memory. App 2 SD also come with clean cache memory feature. Every time you start the app, it will ask for your confirmation to clear the cache memory.

App 2 SD come in 2 version, a free version and pro version. The pro version is ad-free and contains more features. Try it and save memory for more apps. ha2

This is the video showing how does the app works:

Samurai Vs Zombies Defense by Glu Mobile

Time to review the Android apps. This free apps is sure worth to check out.

You can play as Samurai or Zombies and defense your own village. There are varieties power and charm to enhance your Samurai capabilities. As you progress to next level the enemies is getting more powerful and you will need to upgrade the hero, your warriors, your gate, so on and on.

I found it quite an interesting game and since it is free, lets try it.

download it here from your android tablet.

Temple Run by Disney.

Currently the apps is free for download. Get it now while it free. It is a very challenging fun game to spend your time with. Run away from the monster and as long as possible to gain more points. There are Achievements to complete. Run, jump, turn, slide with a swipe on the screen.

The new features on the new edition is shooting targets by clicking on the coming target.

It is fun game. Try it since it still free. ha2

New features just for Temple Run: Brave —
• Introducing ARCHERY – tap targets to shoot a bullseye and earn extra coins
• New, amazing visuals. It looks better than ever!
• All new environments inspired by Disney/Pixar Brave and the wilds of Scotland
• Play as Merida from Disney/Pixar Brave
• Outrun Mordu, the demon bear, to earn running glory

Download it here.

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5 camera

These are pictures comparison on the same location using iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 (as shown in the iPhone 5 Show Galery)

The same picture was taken using iPhone 4S by Scott from when traveled to Big Sur in California.

As shown, picture taken with iPhone looks sharper and it capture more space as iPhone 5 uses 4.1mm lens for a 33mm field of view compared to iPhone 4S’ 4.3mm lens which resulted in a 35mm field of view. According to Dpreview, the image from the iPhone 5 was taken with ISO 50 setting compared to the iPhone 4S’ ISO 64 setting, which suggests that the iPhone 5 uses a new, improved, slightly larger sensor that is able to take in more light. This matches with Apple’s claims of iPhone 5’s camera being able to take better photos in low-light conditions.

Let wait for the actual review by the iPhone fan’s out there.

via gizmodo