BarMax – One of the most expensive apps (but worth it) US$1000

Wah just realised there is actually iPhone app that cost almost one thousand USD, US$999.99 to be exact ha2. BarMax is iPhone apps (now available for iPad), that will help law student to pass the Bar exam. The California version is now ready for purchase. For the law student is actually quite worth it because the actual Bar Exam preparation itself cost them around US$3,000. With BarMax student are given almost 1 Gigabyte of study materials and based on the data from last Bar exam results show that students that used BarMax scored well above average.

These are what included in the purchase:
– 2 months of lecture: outlines & audio lectures for all 12 subjects
– Calendar to guide you through 2 month program
– Email support (live contact with Harvard-educated lawyers)
– Skeleton outlines on your laptop (emailed to you) for note taking
– 1,371 real practice MBE questions from previous exams categorized by subject
– Over 800 flashcards categorized by subject
– 108 real practice CA essay questions with sample answers
– 20 real practice CA performance tests with sample answers

Plus more…

– Welcome packet with all the materials in MS Word format and hard copy printout option
– Lifetime access to the app and course materials once you purchase
– Great tips and tricks on how to perform on exam day and structure your studying
– Review includes: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Crimes, Evidence, Real Property, Torts, Remedies, Professional Responsibility, Civil Procedure, Business Associations (Corporations, Agency & Partnership), Trusts & Wills, and Community Property

Skype Video Call is now available

As mentioned in the previous post where Skype is going to launch video call over 3G and WIFI network in 2011, the iPhone app by Skype now is ready for download in app store. Enjoy free video call between Skype user and just paid a small amount if you to call for non-skype user.

New features for the new version:
• Make Skype to Skype video calls on WiFi and 3G (Additional data charges may apply).
• Call Skype desktop users (Mac OS X or Windows) and other iPhone users.
• Two-way video calls supported on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th gen.
• Receive only video supported on iPad and iPod touch 3rd gen, with no camera.
• Make video calls in portrait and landscape.
• Skype video calling requires iOS 4.0 or above.

Some users have reported a bit lag during initial connection but its get smoother as it goes. Try it for yourself.

FAAD – free app to get free app for your iPhone

Free App A Day
Free App A Day

One of the reason for getting iPhone is the massive amount of apps available in the apps store, but the best is free apps and games ha2. But the question how do we know what is free now? Now is giving out for free iPhone app that will let you know what is the free apps/games available for download. Best.

You can download the app here.

Skal (Ikea) – Wine Toasting iPhone apps

Skal iPhone App
Skal iPhone App

Skal is the free iPhone apps by Ikea, the Swedish furniture retailer, it simulates wine toasting. The iPhone app will let to user on pick up a glass and pour wine into it and it has the the liquid effect when you walk thanks to the iPhone accelerometer. The interesting part is when you met someone with Skal apps, you can actually toast your ‘glass’ and hear the clinking noise while you exchange contacts. He2 that is what we called as e-networking session. But at the moment it is not available in English yet, otherwise it will be perfect.

Skal iphone app
Skal iphone app

You can get the apps here via appstore.

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Burglar caught red handed … by iPhone.

burglar caught in act
burglar caught in act
Yes, the burglar in Denver is actually caught in video streamed from a home desktop. Claire, the house owner actually use the iPhone apps to watch on her dogs when she traveled out, but when she login last Tuesday, she saw the burglar going through her things.

The officers caught the burglar, and he said he did not steal anything, but instead Claire can actually show a video that the person actually stole her iPad.

Click here for full story.

Time Square Official New Year Eve Ball App – 2011 (Countdown Entertainment LLC)

TimeSquare iPhone Apps Screenshot

TimeSquare iPhone Apps Screenshot

TimeSquare iPhone Apps Screenshot

New year is coming and we always wondered what to do at that night. If you are looking forward of celebrating new year eve at Time Square to watch the New Year Eve Ball, download this app for your iPhone or Android. You can get the latest news, weather forecast, schedule on what happening around Time Square New York. You can also participate in submitting your New Year’s photo and get it featured during Live Show at Time Square New Year countdown. How cool is that?

Here are the features:
* Participate in the celebration by submitting your New Year’s photo for friends, family and other revelers to vote on.
* Their favorites may be selected to be seen on the Toshiba Vision sign atop One Times Square directly beneath the Waterford Crystal New Year’s Eve Ball on December 31st! The selected photos will also be featured on the LIVE Show.
* Discover everything you need to know about the Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration including the history, news, weather, photos, relevant maps and LIVE Show schedule.
* Send New Year’s Eve kisses and share photos with friends and family.
* Watch live streaming of the events in Times Square leading up to New Year’s Eve throughout December as well as the highlight promo and other exclusive video content.
* Customize your Toshiba Countdown Clock with your personal photo and time zone.
* Check-in via Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter to find out how far away you are from Times Square

Electronic shoppers this for you, Free Newegg Mobile apps for blackberry the second largest online retailer in US now make electronics shopping even more easier. Newegg just released blackberry mobile apps for the shopper to browse and buy directly from shopper blackberry phone.

NewEgg Blackberry App
NewEgg Blackberry App

Some of the key features of the application :

* Comprehensive product specifications.
* 1.7+ millions customer reviews.
* Detailed item image gallery.
* Quick and simple shopping flow.
* Simple and quick search function.
* Good for deal hunting: Shell Shockers, Daily Deals and Free Shipping.
* All purchases made on Newegg Mobile are routed through Newegg’s secure servers.

You can download the apps here.

Robbery with iPhone app – Better think twice.

Yes there is iPhone apps that can create sounds like gun, but to use it for robbery, you better think twice.

Last Wednesday, a 20 year old man in Connecticut , Jeremy Taylor try to rob Indian restaurant using iPhone but was confronted with real knife by the restaurant staff. He quickly apologized and gave a reason that he just need money to take care a child. The restaurant staff sympathized and doesn’t want to pursue the matter further. He fled but caught by police. Police is investigating the claim, but most likely Taylor will not be charged.

These are some apps that can create gun sound effect on your iphone:




Complete apps review related with gun simulator on iPhone can be found here if you are interested, but please just for fun ya.

Want to have more exposure for your mobile apps? VentureBeat’s Mobile App Spotlight

Mobile apps developer, if you have new mobile apps and want a lot of exposure. This might be for you. The VentureBeat team working with Intel project AppUp is providing platform for developer to share their apps. VentureBeat will profile 3 picked applications and showcase them in their homepage. And with more exposure hopefully you can get more sales for your apps. Link to the VentureBeat’s Mobile App Spotlight.

Geoshare 1.1 (The Mission Lab) – Free apps to share your location to your friend realtime

Geo Share Screen Shot
Geo Share Screen Shot

Lost and don’t know how to tell your friend where you are? Geoshare 1.1 will solve your problem, by using your GPS enabled iPhone, you can send your actual real-time location to your friend in your address book.

Geo Share Sharing
Geo Share Sharing

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