: Super Snake HD by Yoyo Games Ltd

Now you are using your latest iPhone but you are missing the old snake game like what you have in your old Nokia phone. The Snake game is always my favorites game during the old days (seems as if I am so old) ha2. Ya for all of you that miss the game, now it is made available by the Yoyo Games Ltd. The Snake Game HD sure will satisfied and bring the old memory back.

The user interface is so easy after you are used to the interface. Touch anywhere in the screen to start the game. Once the game start, the snake move and to move it right just touch anywhere in the screen as long it is the right side of the snake. The same way if you want to move it to crawl to the top, just tap anywhere in the screen as long as it is the top side of the snake.

You can play through 80 levels of Puzzles, Power-ups and Poultry, spanning 4 wonderfully wicked worlds in this unique and modern take on the classic game of Snake!

You can buy it here.

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