My Blackberry can’t connect to internet even when I am connected to wifi connection.

Yes, I am not subscribed to a full data plan, so what, I am still want to browse the internet if I am not connected to wifi connection at home or work.

Recently, I am not really sure what happen to the my blackberry, I can’t browse the web even if I am connected to wifi connection. I always have this error message on the phone : “unable to connect to the internet please try again later”.

I do not have this problem previously. It seems like the provider have change some settings in my phone that disallow me to browse the web. After browsing the web and try some settings, hey I am online again even when I am not subscribed to full data plan.

If you have same problem, try this it might help:
1. Go to your blackberry menu,
2. select Options,
3. select Advanced options,
4. Select Browser,
5. and for the Default browser configuration select Hotspot Browser
save your configuration and walah it works.

Hope this help.

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