Facebook Camera by Facebook – The simplified picture sharing apps

Facebook Camera is Facebook home grown mobile application for iPhone. You can download it free here.

the intro video for the apps:

Currently at version 1.0.1 you are able to :
–Post a bunch of photos at once
–See friends’ latest photos in one place
–Play with crops and filters
–Tag friends, add captions and say where you are
–See photos from different apps

Currently Facebook Camera is still quite simple compared to the Instagram app that have more complete features. I believed the reason behind why Facebook launch a simple version is for the common user. with this app you can take picture and simplify the photo sharing or uploading to Facebook profile. One of the best features are multiple upload. We can upload few photos at once. Not like the Facebook app where we need to do it picture by picture. Picture editing is also available for users that like to touch up their photos before it get posted.

My question is why Facebook doesn’t want to integrate this to the Facebook app. User can open just one platform and access the features.

These are the screen shots:
Facebook Camera

Facebook Camera

Facebook Camera

Facebook Camera

Too many gadgets and how to sync files on your computer, iPhone and iPad.

PC/Mac, iPhone and iPad have been a daily gadget that become part of our life. Sometimes we shoot pictures using our iPhone, writing document using the iPad, editing videos using our PC/Mac. Is it possible to sync everything up and sync it amongs these gadgets and share it with our loved ones and colleagues ?
The answer is yes, with Dropbox, Box.Net, Google Drive and SkyDrive by Microsoft, you can do that.

Ok lets see what these services have for us.

The Dropbox gave user 2GB free space for user to store their files. If you are happy then you can add on with the Top In-App Purchases. Download the application to your laptop or PC and create a folder in the Dropbox application in your laptop or PC, files or picture drop into this folder then it will be sync across your gadgets and other pcs. Here is the introduction video :

The Box.Com also have the same features with the free service giving users 5GB as the trial spaces. If you are happy with their service than you can upgrade according to your needs. This is the introduction video of the service.

The SkyDrive from Microsoft is also another great service, with the windows passport login you can sign up for free and get 7GB of space and start sharing and accessing your files everywhere you wanted. An official iPhone and iPad apps is also ready to access the service.

And now Google Drive with a bigger space and cheaper service you can also the same. But at this point of time Google Drive still do not have official iphone apps to access the service, but you can use the web browser on your gadgets to access it. But if you want an iPhone apps, as mention on gottabemobile.com you can use GoodReader apps to access the service in your iPad or iPhone. Come on google. Anyway here is the short video introduction of Google Drive :