App 2 SD – Apps Management Made Easy

Do you have many apps and games installed to your Android phone / tablet? And you are using up your phone memory now due to the apps was installed in the phone memory. Google Play Store will install new app to phone memory by default. Some apps can actually move to SD card and it will save your phone memory and allow you to install more apps.
You can move the apps from settings in your phone and try one by one whether the app is moveable to SD card or not. A lot of hassle.

But with App 2 SD, the process is simplified because the app will actually filter out apps that is moveable to SD Card and then you can start moving it to your SD Card and save your phone memory. App 2 SD also come with clean cache memory feature. Every time you start the app, it will ask for your confirmation to clear the cache memory.

App 2 SD come in 2 version, a free version and pro version. The pro version is ad-free and contains more features. Try it and save memory for more apps. ha2

This is the video showing how does the app works:

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