iPhone 3GS will be outdated soon, replaced by iPhone 4S 8GB

Reported earlier in the net, apple is going to out date the iPhone 3GS soon and replace it with the iPhone 4S 8GB which currently available on 16, 32 and 64GB.

For me, iPhone 3GS is my 1st iPhone and I am convert to Apple since than. It has being great experience with it. Even though it is outdated phone, iPhone 3GS still sold quite well for those budget concern user. It proves that iPhone 3GS is more user friendly compared to some phones. Even my 3 years old boy can browse through the apps and play some game without much interference from me.

Anyway, iPhone 4S 8GB will be a great phone to come. For user, we can have new phone with better technology and better content and apps. And for Apple, they can boost more sales on the hardware and of cos more sales on iPhone apps as the new phone will able to support more new apps compared to the 3GS.

Ok just wait and see for the announcement from Apple.

via redmondpie

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