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Still in the queue for your BBM to be activated, there is trick here (try it while it last) ha ha.

So you are excited to try Blackberry Messenger on your android phone or iphone? But the waiting list is killing your mood. Ha ha you are not alone. Here are tricks to cut queue and get it to work on your phone. We have tried it on many android phones and iPhone. It may not work anymore if Blackberry developer have close this loophole.

1. Find friend that already received the confirmation email from blackberry.
2. When you open up the BBM app and asked to enter your email, enter your friend email and Next
3. Dun worry, your friend email is just to jump the line and voila you are in and asked to enter or create new blackberry id.

You will still received email confirmation from blackberry to verify your account. Just follow the steps in the email and you are fine.

As mention on this title, use this tips while it works. ha ha.

appsinphone.com: My Blackberry can’t connect to internet even when I am connected to wifi connection.

Yes, I am not subscribed to a full data plan, so what, I am still want to browse the internet if I am not connected to wifi connection at home or work.

Recently, I am not really sure what happen to the my blackberry, I can’t browse the web even if I am connected to wifi connection. I always have this error message on the phone : “unable to connect to the internet please try again later”.

I do not have this problem previously. It seems like the provider have change some settings in my phone that disallow me to browse the web. After browsing the web and try some settings, hey I am online again even when I am not subscribed to full data plan.

If you have same problem, try this it might help:
1. Go to your blackberry menu,
2. select Options,
3. select Advanced options,
4. Select Browser,
5. and for the Default browser configuration select Hotspot Browser
save your configuration and walah it works.

Hope this help.

Tunein – Free Online radio on your blackberry

Do you like to listen to music? With TuneIn apps for your blackberry, you can listen to online radio anywhere as long as you have the data connection either mobile data connection or wifi connection.

When the app started, you will be warned that if you are not subscribe to a unlimited data connection plan, you will charge for the music stream or if you are on wifi connection coverage you can choose the Continue with Wifi Only option. This option will allow the app only using the wifi connection to stream music to your phone.



There are plenty of online radio station that you can choose. Try it and you will love it.



Electronic shoppers this for you, Free Newegg Mobile apps for blackberry

Newegg.com the second largest online retailer in US now make electronics shopping even more easier. Newegg just released blackberry mobile apps for the shopper to browse and buy directly from shopper blackberry phone.

NewEgg Blackberry App
NewEgg Blackberry App

Some of the key features of the application :

* Comprehensive product specifications.
* 1.7+ millions customer reviews.
* Detailed item image gallery.
* Quick and simple shopping flow.
* Simple and quick search function.
* Good for deal hunting: Shell Shockers, Daily Deals and Free Shipping.
* All purchases made on Newegg Mobile are routed through Newegg’s secure servers.

You can download the apps here.

Google Mobile App for Blackberry (3.9.6)

Google Mobile App Screen Shot
Google Mobile App Screen Shot

Just released the Google Mobile App for blackberry. User now can actually search their gmail too and not restricted to only email on their blackberry and its all can be done via voice, no typing required. cool.

Installation is a breeze, just point your blackberry web browser to m.google.com/search and download. That’s simple. Sign in to allow the apps to search your email in google mail. The sign in is located at the top right hand corner.