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Elmo’s Monster Maker : Fun Kids application.

You can have a lot fun time with your children if he or she loves Elmo. My child having fun with it almost everyday. Now I have to keep charging my iPhone 2 times a day because of the extensive use.

The app will allow you to customize your own sesame street monster and after that you can “play” with your monster. You can poke it, ask it to dance, as it to play with Elmo and also take picture of the monster.

For me, the purchase is really worth the money. Now I can own the TV set and watch my TV series again. I do not need to watch “The Elmo’s World” DVD again and again anymore. ha2.

The app is developed by ideatoylab.

Baby Piano : Fun Piano apps for iPhone|appsinphone.com

Baby Piano
Baby Piano

As parent, I would like my baby to explore and develop his/her knowledge or talents from young. Baby Piano is a fun apps not only for the toddler, even me as parent also having fun with the game. Watching him playing the apps and having fun with the app is a great moment for me.

Baby Piano

Some great features of the app:
1. The app have button to record and playback the sound while your child play with the piano.
2. With the play along mode, the app can guide children to press the correct note and play song.
3. With the children mode, you can also get a song by touching any notes. One day without knowing this features, I am surprised that my baby actually play song so well. ha2.
4. Switch to animal sound mode and to mimic the animal sounds! Have fun with this features. My son love this feature so much.

Baby Piano

You can buy the apps at app store.