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Monster Island by Miniclip.com

This is one nice fun game. With it 200 over puzzle you won’t be bored with the game.

Kill the unwanted visitor with your bombs. You can unlock five different monster bombs, each with its own abilities: Rocko, Sticky, Xplode, Blui and the fearsome Don Tonator!


? 200 levels over 3 different islands (and more to come!)
? Choose one of 6 unique heroes
? Amazing retina graphics
? Game Center Leader Boards and Achievements
? Game music, which automatically switches itself off at start when playing other music on your iPod/iPhone
? Interactive tutorial to learn how to play

Buy it here.

AppsinPhone.com: Idea Sketch – Draw your idea in fast way.

Ya, Idea Sketch, a free iPhone apps for us to draw our idea into images / mind mapping.

Easy and simple way to put our idea to the drawing. We do not have to draw, with few simple clicks, the mind map is drawn for us. With mindmap, our idea will be easily shared with other people.

You can download the apps here.

Another free mind-mapping apps is MindMeister.

www.appsinphone.com – iCamCorder, fun video recording application

Ya with iCamCorder, you can also film great video on your 3G phone. With the 11 Realtime Effect we can create a great video, the effect available with the apps :
1. GreyScale
Remove all colors from the video
2. Old Movie
3. Invert Colors
4. Motion Trails
5. Quad Cam
6. Mirror
7. Super 8
8. Multi View
9. Color Flip
10. Pop Art
11. Bloom

And with simple sharing features, you can share your video anytime via your iPhone. Within a 4 tap, I send out the video via email. Nice.

have fun creating home video with the apps and share it with your friends.

Google iPhone app is evolve to Google Search app

Ya, as said in the title, now Google iPhone app is redesigned to Google Search app as Google are the no 1 search engine. It has a faster and better interface and also give user a faster result.

When you type in a search term, the app automatically draws up a vertical, scrollable menu of categories on the left-hand side, letting you easily search results in multiple categories like images, videos, news, and places. You can open category search results with a horizontal swipe; for instance if you want photos related to “scuba diving” you can pull out all the associated images by swiping the “images” category from left to right. The app also adds a feature that lets you return to your past search.

Try it yourself by downloading it at iTunes Store


IntoNow : app that listen to your show

Ever wanted to share what you are watching now on the television but not so sure which episode it is? IntoNow an IOS device app, it can help you to identify the show and other information of the show just by listening to the dialog on the show.

With the large database (266 years of content) to search on, the app can return results in five to twelve seconds after listening to the show. It returns the exact episode, and correctly identifies whether the content is airing live or if it’s a rebroadcast on the original network or a syndicate.

And then if you want to share it with your friends, the app actually social friendly where you can share the info at twitter or facebook.

If you like the app you can download it here for free.

Dr Gourmet : Free iPhone app to keep track your diet

Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot

Yes, for all of you that want to keep track your calories intake and food you take, this is the free iPhone app Dr Gourmet by Dr. Tim Harlan who is also known as Dr. Gourmet that can count your calories intake.

Users are able to track breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with the food diary. A database of thousands of foods is used by the diary, helping the user to keep a running total of food intake. With a few taps on the device, the user will also be fully informed regarding his or her nutrition information. This includes calories, fat, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber and protein.

App users can track the calories which are burnt everyday with the exercise diary. A daily total of the calories burnt everyday is kept by the app and is compared with the caloric intake of the user.