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TaskMatrix – Task management that easy to use

Task Matrix Screen

Yes. TaskMatrix is available for iPad user since it maximized iPad screen layout and it is arranged in unique grid layout and fully customizable. User can actually arrange their task in Categories which allow groupings of task. I can said what make it best is the UI of the app. It is just like a sticky note on your iPad. And the app is evolving with the user community, as the company UI Technology Pty Ltd listens to the user and add useful features to the app. Great to have company that actually listen to the users.

Task Matrix Screen Task Matrix Screen
Task Matrix Screen

BarMax – One of the most expensive apps (but worth it) US$1000

Wah just realised there is actually iPhone app that cost almost one thousand USD, US$999.99 to be exact ha2. BarMax is iPhone apps (now available for iPad), that will help law student to pass the Bar exam. The California version is now ready for purchase. For the law student is actually quite worth it because the actual Bar Exam preparation itself cost them around US$3,000. With BarMax student are given almost 1 Gigabyte of study materials and based on the data from last Bar exam results show that students that used BarMax scored well above average.

These are what included in the purchase:
– 2 months of lecture: outlines & audio lectures for all 12 subjects
– Calendar to guide you through 2 month program
– Email support (live contact with Harvard-educated lawyers)
– Skeleton outlines on your laptop (emailed to you) for note taking
– 1,371 real practice MBE questions from previous exams categorized by subject
– Over 800 flashcards categorized by subject
– 108 real practice CA essay questions with sample answers
– 20 real practice CA performance tests with sample answers

Plus moreā€¦

– Welcome packet with all the materials in MS Word format and hard copy printout option
– Lifetime access to the app and course materials once you purchase
– Great tips and tricks on how to perform on exam day and structure your studying
– Review includes: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Crimes, Evidence, Real Property, Torts, Remedies, Professional Responsibility, Civil Procedure, Business Associations (Corporations, Agency & Partnership), Trusts & Wills, and Community Property