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Monster Island by Miniclip.com

This is one nice fun game. With it 200 over puzzle you won’t be bored with the game.

Kill the unwanted visitor with your bombs. You can unlock five different monster bombs, each with its own abilities: Rocko, Sticky, Xplode, Blui and the fearsome Don Tonator!


? 200 levels over 3 different islands (and more to come!)
? Choose one of 6 unique heroes
? Amazing retina graphics
? Game Center Leader Boards and Achievements
? Game music, which automatically switches itself off at start when playing other music on your iPod/iPhone
? Interactive tutorial to learn how to play

Buy it here.

appsinphone.com : Wonderful Days – Diary with Style

If you like to take notes and customize it as if you are writing your diary, then Wonderful Days is the right app for you.

The apps allows you to create your notes according to your creativity, sync in to the Evernote and you can share it with multiple devices and you also can export your notes to PDF and send it via email to your love ones.

These are the features with the current version :
? Help you keep a diary. You can write multiple entries in one day.
? Sync content seamlessly with Evernote across multiple devices.
? Insert photos anywhere in the text.
? Choose from over 20 lovely hand-crafted weather and mood icons.
? Geo-tag your entries and browse them on the map.
? Decorate your entries with a collection of beautiful themes with diverse styles.
? Add various kinds of frames to your photos.
? 12 fonts to choose from, including 4 custom fonts that are not in the OS.
? Make your diary unique and stylish with different combinations of themes, frames, and fonts.
? Three modes of viewing entries: List, Preview, and Photo.
? Calendars for selecting dates and browsing entries.
? Easily email your entries, export them as PDFs, or print them out with AirPrint.
? Rate entries from zero to five stars.
? Search entries by keywords
? Passcode protection
? Portrait and landscape support

Here is the video of the apps.

You can buy the apps @apps store.

www.appsinphone.com – iCamCorder, fun video recording application

Ya with iCamCorder, you can also film great video on your 3G phone. With the 11 Realtime Effect we can create a great video, the effect available with the apps :
1. GreyScale
Remove all colors from the video
2. Old Movie
3. Invert Colors
4. Motion Trails
5. Quad Cam
6. Mirror
7. Super 8
8. Multi View
9. Color Flip
10. Pop Art
11. Bloom

And with simple sharing features, you can share your video anytime via your iPhone. Within a 4 tap, I send out the video via email. Nice.

have fun creating home video with the apps and share it with your friends.

iPhone 4 and App Store earns entries to The Guiness Book of Record

The Apple iPhone and App Store were recently added to the Guinness Book of World Records in a new 2011 Gamer’s Edition. iPhone 4 is added as the fastest selling portable gaming system and the Apple App Store was given the title of most popular application marketplace, the largest downloadable video game store and the largest lineup of any gaming system.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Apple sold 1.5 million iPhone 4 units on the 1st day of availability, this earns apple as the fastest selling portable gaming system in history. This records is compared to that of Sony which sold 200,000 PlayStation Portables on launch day in 2005 and Nintendo which took a week to move its first 500,000 units. Incredible performance.

In regards to the title of “The Most Popular Application Marketplace”, the Guinness Book of World Records cited Apple’s 6.5 billion app downloads as proof that the Apple App Store is the world’s most popular application market place.

In addition, other notable records included the following:

  • Angry Birds being named Top Paid-For App Store Game in Most Countries
  • Plants vs. Zombies being named the Fastest-Selling iPhone/iPod Strategy Game
  • Tap Tap Revenge being name Most Popular iPhone Game Series.

Baby Piano : Fun Piano apps for iPhone|appsinphone.com

Baby Piano
Baby Piano

As parent, I would like my baby to explore and develop his/her knowledge or talents from young. Baby Piano is a fun apps not only for the toddler, even me as parent also having fun with the game. Watching him playing the apps and having fun with the app is a great moment for me.

Baby Piano

Some great features of the app:
1. The app have button to record and playback the sound while your child play with the piano.
2. With the play along mode, the app can guide children to press the correct note and play song.
3. With the children mode, you can also get a song by touching any notes. One day without knowing this features, I am surprised that my baby actually play song so well. ha2.
4. Switch to animal sound mode and to mimic the animal sounds! Have fun with this features. My son love this feature so much.

Baby Piano

You can buy the apps at app store.

The new ‘sexy’ TweetDeck 2.0 | appsinphone.com

Ya for me I have being using TweetDeck to post tweet since their version 1. The new apps now come with better and faster features to manage your social activity on Facebook and Twitter.

The team actually rebuild the app from scratch and gives us the user a better, faster and ‘sexier’ apps. Some of the new features :

a. the swiping between columns,

b. the navigation through user profiles

c. easy-as-pie Add Column flow,

d. Pull to Update animations

e. the slick Follow/Unfollow slider.

f. Making the “pinch” gesture on a column give you access to options that will allow you to add any combination of your feeds into a column.

g. Twitter timelines, Mentions, DMs Favourites, Lists, Searches, Facebook feeds….all can be blended together into columns and many more.

You can download the new apps at the app store.



Robbery with iPhone app – Better think twice.

Yes there is iPhone apps that can create sounds like gun, but to use it for robbery, you better think twice.

Last Wednesday, a 20 year old man in Connecticut , Jeremy Taylor try to rob Indian restaurant using iPhone but was confronted with real knife by the restaurant staff. He quickly apologized and gave a reason that he just need money to take care a child. The restaurant staff sympathized and doesn’t want to pursue the matter further. He fled but caught by police. Police is investigating the claim, but most likely Taylor will not be charged.

These are some apps that can create gun sound effect on your iphone:




Complete apps review related with gun simulator on iPhone can be found here if you are interested, but please just for fun ya.

Geoshare 1.1 (The Mission Lab) – Free apps to share your location to your friend realtime

Geo Share Screen Shot
Geo Share Screen Shot

Lost and don’t know how to tell your friend where you are? Geoshare 1.1 will solve your problem, by using your GPS enabled iPhone, you can send your actual real-time location to your friend in your address book.

Geo Share Sharing
Geo Share Sharing

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Another free video call apps for iPhone by Skype.

skype for iphone
skype for iphone

As mentioned in the document (pulled out now) published in skype official website, in 2011 Skype for iPhone will enabled user to do video chat over 3G and wifi connection with other Skype user either on mobile or desktop.

The apps will be compatible with iPhone 3G and above as long as IOS 4.0 and above is installed. Thank God for that he he. For iPhone 4 user, the apps will allow user to switch camera either front or back camera just by taping to the apps.

Fring, Tanga and Apple Facetime you got your giant competitor now. ha ha. As user we are in benefit for these competitions and it will actually grow the apps further to serve us better. Great.

Push Panic (Appular) – Super simple and fun colour puzzle game.

push panic screen shot
push panic screen shot

Push Panic, the apps name itself sounds exciting and thrilling. ha2.

This iPhone game is so simple and addictive. Have being playing since I install it to my iPhone 3G. It still works very well with 3G. Nice and recommended game.

Push Panic Game Mode
Push Panic Game Mode

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