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Monster Island by Miniclip.com

This is one nice fun game. With it 200 over puzzle you won’t be bored with the game.

Kill the unwanted visitor with your bombs. You can unlock five different monster bombs, each with its own abilities: Rocko, Sticky, Xplode, Blui and the fearsome Don Tonator!


? 200 levels over 3 different islands (and more to come!)
? Choose one of 6 unique heroes
? Amazing retina graphics
? Game Center Leader Boards and Achievements
? Game music, which automatically switches itself off at start when playing other music on your iPod/iPhone
? Interactive tutorial to learn how to play

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Inspector Gadget’s MAD Dash by By XMG Studio Inc.

Inspector Gadget

Who didn’t know Inspector Gadget’s. This is one of the favourite cartoon characters that I loved the most. Always waiting for the show in TV during my childhood days. Inspector Gadget always have the new interesting gadget. Now Inspector Gadget games is out for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, ready to bring us back to our childhood day. ha2.

Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget

In Inspector Gadget’s MAD Dash, you play the bionic hero as he swings from cranes; jumps speeding trains; and much, much, more as he avoids a variety of menacing hazards. Do your best to capture the elusive Claw and free Penny.

You can preview the video here :

The games is free can be download here.

BackBreaker 2: Nice Footbal Game for your iPhone

BackBreaker Screen Shot

If you like American football then you might like the BackBreaker 2. It is a 3D football game for your iPhone. You can customize your player and even write your club name to their shirt. The graphics is amazing and effect is quite real, but it seems from the review of BackBreaker fans, Backbreaker 2 doesn’t seem to give them much improvement. Anyway if do you like to try the game it on sale for now.

BackBreaker Screen Shot

BackBreaker Screen Shot

Video review on the game:

Ninja Bounce (Jellyoasis Inc) Jump Ninja Jump

Ninja Bounce Screen Shot

Bored with you iPhone, I don’t think so, you have so much great games to download and play. Just spend less than a dollar and you can get the Ninja Bounce. To play game is pretty simple. Just tap the screen and see the Ninja jump and roll. You must correctly tap your next jump point, points are given based on the timing of your tap to the next point. To make things more urgent, a quickly approaching fire from the left of the screen will be biting at your heels, so make sure you jump before you are burned!

Ninja Bounce Screen Shot

Ninja Bounce Screen Shot

There are 2 modes of play: Challenge and Time Attack. Challenge mode will continue until you die, and Time Attack mode will time your progress in the game. Correctly timed jumps will allow you to finish the level faster and beat your own score.

Have fun.

Features include:
-Safe for Children and Great for your Kids! (boys and girls)
-Simple single-tap gameplay
-Innovative Concept of rhythm-based survival adventure
-Responsive gameplay for accurate timing and successive combinations
-Smooth Graphics, Beautiful Animation and 3D Moving Backgrounds
-Open Feint and Game Center Leaderboards
-Original Sound and Music

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Push Panic (Appular) – Super simple and fun colour puzzle game.

push panic screen shot
push panic screen shot

Push Panic, the apps name itself sounds exciting and thrilling. ha2.

This iPhone game is so simple and addictive. Have being playing since I install it to my iPhone 3G. It still works very well with 3G. Nice and recommended game.

Push Panic Game Mode
Push Panic Game Mode

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