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Street Fighter IV (Capcom) – Ultimate fighting games

Like in the old days, if you are gamers in the arcade centre, I am sure you do play the Street Fighter games like me. The game is now available also in iTunes for your iPhone, iPod and iPad for US$10.

The game also features 14 characters, 11 environment, multiplayer head-to-head arcade play over bluetooth, and also four levels of difficulty. I myself enjoyed the multiplayer features where we can fight with our friends or other iPhone user via bluetooth connection.

You can download it here for US$10.

Get a free US$10K iTunes Gift Card from Apple.

Now we have the opportunity to win 10K USD from Apple. Apple App Store has almost reached 10 billion downloads, and will reward the person who downloads the 10 billionth app a $10K iTunes gift card in a world wide promotion as announced in the Apple’s web site. The promotion started January 6 and will conclude once the 10 billionth app has been downloaded.

Hmm, what will I do if I win this?

Latest update : the app store is now downloaded 10 billion times and winner will be announced soon. Congrats to the winner.

Weightbot (Tapbots) – Track your weight in style

Screen shot
Screen shot

If one of your new year resolutions are losing weight / gaining weight, then tis iPhone might help you. It tracks weight as you enter your weight daily and provides a very nice graphical presentation of your weight.

Screen shot
Screen shot

Features of the apps:
* Easily change or remove your weight from any day
* Instantly view your BMI as you set your weight
* Set your goal weight to know where the finish line is
* Rotate clockwise to view your weight over time on a beautiful and easy to read graph
* Rotate counterclockwise to view the goal view. It let’s you see you quickly see your progress towards your weight loss/gain goals
* Toggle units between lbs/kg for weight and ft/cm for height
* Set a numeric passcode to protect your data from being viewed by othe

With USD 1.99 you can download it here.

Free Size Converter for iPhone by Mooee

Have you ever encountered problem when buying shoes/cloths but the size is in another country size? Mooee is providing free app to convert this size to your familiar sizes. The app will have “Me” and “Guest” mode, where in “Me” mode user can always store his/her size and the “Guest” mode is for his/her friends.

Perfect to use this when shopping in foreign countries or buying from the internet that uses foreign sizes. Very handy as a quick check for the right international size.

You can also convert your weight between pounds (lbs) and kilograms (Kg).

Feature Highlights:
– Me mode Converts and store your own ring, shoe and bra sizes to five main countries.
– Guest mode Converts ring, shoe, bra sizes and weight to international sizes.

You can download the app here.

BarMax – One of the most expensive apps (but worth it) US$1000

Wah just realised there is actually iPhone app that cost almost one thousand USD, US$999.99 to be exact ha2. BarMax is iPhone apps (now available for iPad), that will help law student to pass the Bar exam. The California version is now ready for purchase. For the law student is actually quite worth it because the actual Bar Exam preparation itself cost them around US$3,000. With BarMax student are given almost 1 Gigabyte of study materials and based on the data from last Bar exam results show that students that used BarMax scored well above average.

These are what included in the purchase:
– 2 months of lecture: outlines & audio lectures for all 12 subjects
– Calendar to guide you through 2 month program
– Email support (live contact with Harvard-educated lawyers)
– Skeleton outlines on your laptop (emailed to you) for note taking
– 1,371 real practice MBE questions from previous exams categorized by subject
– Over 800 flashcards categorized by subject
– 108 real practice CA essay questions with sample answers
– 20 real practice CA performance tests with sample answers

Plus more…

– Welcome packet with all the materials in MS Word format and hard copy printout option
– Lifetime access to the app and course materials once you purchase
– Great tips and tricks on how to perform on exam day and structure your studying
– Review includes: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Crimes, Evidence, Real Property, Torts, Remedies, Professional Responsibility, Civil Procedure, Business Associations (Corporations, Agency & Partnership), Trusts & Wills, and Community Property

Burglar caught red handed … by iPhone.

burglar caught in act
burglar caught in act
Yes, the burglar in Denver is actually caught in video streamed from a home desktop. Claire, the house owner actually use the iPhone apps to watch on her dogs when she traveled out, but when she login last Tuesday, she saw the burglar going through her things.

The officers caught the burglar, and he said he did not steal anything, but instead Claire can actually show a video that the person actually stole her iPad.

Click here for full story.

Another free video call apps for iPhone by Skype.

skype for iphone
skype for iphone

As mentioned in the document (pulled out now) published in skype official website, in 2011 Skype for iPhone will enabled user to do video chat over 3G and wifi connection with other Skype user either on mobile or desktop.

The apps will be compatible with iPhone 3G and above as long as IOS 4.0 and above is installed. Thank God for that he he. For iPhone 4 user, the apps will allow user to switch camera either front or back camera just by taping to the apps.

Fring, Tanga and Apple Facetime you got your giant competitor now. ha ha. As user we are in benefit for these competitions and it will actually grow the apps further to serve us better. Great.

1st Real Phone tracker – Track any phone anywhere

1st Real Phone Tracker
1st Real Phone Tracker

This is 1st real phone tracker and as mentioned by the developer – Silvano Fernández García, you can actually track any phone with your iPhone and it shows the actual location of the phone, even if the phone is overseas. Interesting.

The application is also come with full step-by-step tutorial.

You can download it for 0.99 cents here.

Cut The Rope (ZeptoLab) – Great Christmas Games

Cut The Rope is really the game for you to spend in this holiday season. Very addictive and the free version came with 25 level. Good enough for you to test the apps and buy the full version. Super recommended games.

Your task is to feed the Om Nom (adorable monster) a candy that are hung in the Christmas tree. Try it and enjoy it. Happy holidays

cut the rope screen shot
cut the rope screen shot
cut the rope screen shot
cut the rope screen shot

Sleep Cycle (MD Labs) – Natural Alarm Clock in your Iphone

sleep cycle iphone screenshot
sleep cycle iphone screenshot

Always surprised by your alarm clock, Sleep Cycle might be your solutions to your life and wake up fresh in the morning. Sleep cycle actually analyse your sleep and the alarm will be waking you on time where you are in the lightest sleep state, in this case you will wake up as if without alarm. We can also use the apps to analyse our sleep pattern, how many hours are we in our deep sleep. Cool ya.

Just put your iPhone beside you as shown in the picture below and tada lets the apps work for you while you sleep and wake up in the morning. Cool.

sleep cycle iphone screenshot
sleep cycle iphone screenshot

I have tested it myself and at least now I know how much I am sleeping at night. Simple but great. You can get it here for 0.99.