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Facebook Messenger : Free VOIP calls and chat with your FB friend

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger by Crisp App allow user to call their Facebook contacts for free via their iPhone / iPod Touch wherever they are. The apps will allow Facebook user to call each other either via mobile to mobile or mobile to pc, as long as they are connected to Facebook network.

Facebook Messenger
The apps is built upon Facebook API allowing users to share pictures from their photo albums, browse their message history, view their friends profiles and use emoticons. The app utilises Appleā€™s push-notifications, updating friend lists in real-time, delivering sound alerts whilst running in the background courtesy of its multi-tasking support.

Facebook Messenger

This is one of the must have apps if you always need to be connected with your friends. The apps can is downloable for USD2.99 via iTunes.

Street Fighter IV (Capcom) – Ultimate fighting games

Like in the old days, if you are gamers in the arcade centre, I am sure you do play the Street Fighter games like me. The game is now available also in iTunes for your iPhone, iPod and iPad for US$10.

The game also features 14 characters, 11 environment, multiplayer head-to-head arcade play over bluetooth, and also four levels of difficulty. I myself enjoyed the multiplayer features where we can fight with our friends or other iPhone user via bluetooth connection.

You can download it here for US$10.