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TweetPic – Ease your picture tweet

Do you wanna share your picture with tweeter and found it difficult to attach the picture. With Tweetpic it gets so much easier.

In conclusion, Tweetpic will let you upload photos directly from your Photo Albums or from iPhone’s Camera to Twitpic.com’s upload service. It’ll then present options to either copy image URL for sharing with others or opening it in Safari browser or seamlessly continuing with using the app.

If the image is too large, it’ll automatically prompt user to use a resized variant or original image itself.

You can also attach a comment to the photo, which forms the body for your Twitter post (Tweet). The link to the image is automatically included in the Tweet. e.g. “it works! http://twitpic.com/3le5t”. And it also support multiple Twitter account.

You can get it here.

www.appsinphone.com – iCamCorder, fun video recording application

Ya with iCamCorder, you can also film great video on your 3G phone. With the 11 Realtime Effect we can create a great video, the effect available with the apps :
1. GreyScale
Remove all colors from the video
2. Old Movie
3. Invert Colors
4. Motion Trails
5. Quad Cam
6. Mirror
7. Super 8
8. Multi View
9. Color Flip
10. Pop Art
11. Bloom

And with simple sharing features, you can share your video anytime via your iPhone. Within a 4 tap, I send out the video via email. Nice.

have fun creating home video with the apps and share it with your friends.

Funtoxication – How drunk are you?

Funtoxication Screen Shot

How much drink is enough for you not to over the limit to drive? Surely the answer is no drink at all. But in case you need to have same casual drink, Funtoxication can help you to estimate your limits. The app will estimate your BAC (blood alcohol content) based on your age, weight, sex, consumption time, alcohol type and drink size.

Funtoxication Screen Shot
The app itself will allow you to track 4 individuals. There will be notification pop up if you are over the legal limit to drive.

Funtoxication Screen Shot

There is a built in taxi search, which will be prompted once you’re over the legal limit to drive, simply hit “ok” when it asks if you need a cab, and it got you covered!

Funtoxication Screen Shot

And there are also 3 different arcade games built in! Each featuring the famous Monkeys in a different arcade setting. The games will test your motor skills, short-term memory, and keep you and your friends entertained for hours!

You can download the app here for .99cents.

Aniway don’t drink and drive. If you have to drink then take a cab. be safe.

Free Size Converter for iPhone by Mooee

Have you ever encountered problem when buying shoes/cloths but the size is in another country size? Mooee is providing free app to convert this size to your familiar sizes. The app will have “Me” and “Guest” mode, where in “Me” mode user can always store his/her size and the “Guest” mode is for his/her friends.

Perfect to use this when shopping in foreign countries or buying from the internet that uses foreign sizes. Very handy as a quick check for the right international size.

You can also convert your weight between pounds (lbs) and kilograms (Kg).

Feature Highlights:
– Me mode Converts and store your own ring, shoe and bra sizes to five main countries.
– Guest mode Converts ring, shoe, bra sizes and weight to international sizes.

You can download the app here.

The Withings : iPhone blood pressure monitor app

Withings Cuff
Withings Cuff

Yes if you in need to monitor your blood pressure and like to travel light, Withings blood pressure monitor might be the solution for you. Just wear the cuff and plug it in to your IOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad) and it will automatically run the app and start monitoring for you.

Withings App
Withings App

The app will also auto record your blood pressure history online and it will be useful to see how you progress.

More details on the Withings.

USD1.5 Million pizza sold using iPhone apps in just 3 months.

Yes as the title said, USD1.5 Million pizza sold using iPhone app in just 3 months. Dominos pizza managed to sell almost USD1.5 million of their pizza over free iPhone app.

The app made the ordering system so simple and convenient for the user. Just imagine when you are watching movies / football and you felt hungry. Just pick up your iPhone and order pizza through the application. No need to dial phone or searched for catalogue. All in your iPhone. So simple. Very clever marketing.

If you are interested for a domino’s pizza now, you can download the apps here.


– Flick through our extensive product offering with the turn-style menu
– View premium quality ingredients to design your own pizza
– Cash and Credit Card payment options available
– The ability to customise your pizza and order in your time
– More than 1.8 billion pizza combinations in the palm of your hand
– View Domino’s latest voucher offers in the hot offer section
– Make ordering faster by creating an account and saving your favourite order for next time
– All Domino’s Traditional Range, Big Taste Range and Classic Value Range pizzas plus vouchers are available on our iPhone app
– Order an Oven Baked Sandwich for lunch between 11am to 4pm
– Easy to navigate ordering process
– ‘My order’ at the bottom of every screen shows your accumulated order and dollar value, so you know exactly how many items you have ordered and what your order costs
– Track your order with the Domino’s pizza tracker, guiding you through each step of the pizza making process!

Lark Up : A wearable iPhone app that wakes up only one person

Have you awaken by your spouse / friends alarm? Annoying right.

A group of engineers design a wearable wristband for your iPhone and iPhone app that will wake up only one person. LARK Up relies on two elements, an iPhone app and a custom wristband. You place your iPhone in LARK’s dock, and when your alarm goes off, the wristband emits silent vibrations to wake you. The app also includes a big snooze button for those who need just a few more minutes of sleep.

Currently the item is sold at US$99 and sold out. You can wait and get it here when the next shipment arrive.