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appsinphone.com : Wonderful Days – Diary with Style

If you like to take notes and customize it as if you are writing your diary, then Wonderful Days is the right app for you.

The apps allows you to create your notes according to your creativity, sync in to the Evernote and you can share it with multiple devices and you also can export your notes to PDF and send it via email to your love ones.

These are the features with the current version :
? Help you keep a diary. You can write multiple entries in one day.
? Sync content seamlessly with Evernote across multiple devices.
? Insert photos anywhere in the text.
? Choose from over 20 lovely hand-crafted weather and mood icons.
? Geo-tag your entries and browse them on the map.
? Decorate your entries with a collection of beautiful themes with diverse styles.
? Add various kinds of frames to your photos.
? 12 fonts to choose from, including 4 custom fonts that are not in the OS.
? Make your diary unique and stylish with different combinations of themes, frames, and fonts.
? Three modes of viewing entries: List, Preview, and Photo.
? Calendars for selecting dates and browsing entries.
? Easily email your entries, export them as PDFs, or print them out with AirPrint.
? Rate entries from zero to five stars.
? Search entries by keywords
? Passcode protection
? Portrait and landscape support

Here is the video of the apps.

You can buy the apps @apps store.

MindMeister : Free Mind Mapping on the go.

Yes, being using this free mindmapping app on my iPhone recently to note down ideas and thought in mind map forms.

The interface is so easy to use, simple and interactive.

You will also able to sync up your mind map to mindmeister server where you can later share it with your friends or colleagues.

As mention on the mindmeister website as this post is written, they have few accounts option for you to “rent” their service. For the free account, you will able to sync up to 3 Mind Map with some limited features.
But no worries, without syncing up to the server, you will still able to write as many mind map as you want in your iPhone.

Tunein – Free Online radio on your blackberry

Do you like to listen to music? With TuneIn apps for your blackberry, you can listen to online radio anywhere as long as you have the data connection either mobile data connection or wifi connection.

When the app started, you will be warned that if you are not subscribe to a unlimited data connection plan, you will charge for the music stream or if you are on wifi connection coverage you can choose the Continue with Wifi Only option. This option will allow the app only using the wifi connection to stream music to your phone.



There are plenty of online radio station that you can choose. Try it and you will love it.



HippoRemote : Turn your iPhone to your ultimate remote in town.

Hippo Remote App

With HippoRemote you can transform your iPhone functionality to your wifi keyboard, mouse, remote control and gamepad. The application work using Wifi connection, so as no dongle or extra stuff.

Hippo Remote App

The button are customizeable and it comes with 30+ keyboard profiles for your favorite application.

Highly recommended if you just too lazy to walk to your Macbook or PC. ha2.

The apps can be downloaded here for USD4.99.

IntoNow : app that listen to your show

Ever wanted to share what you are watching now on the television but not so sure which episode it is? IntoNow an IOS device app, it can help you to identify the show and other information of the show just by listening to the dialog on the show.

With the large database (266 years of content) to search on, the app can return results in five to twelve seconds after listening to the show. It returns the exact episode, and correctly identifies whether the content is airing live or if it’s a rebroadcast on the original network or a syndicate.

And then if you want to share it with your friends, the app actually social friendly where you can share the info at twitter or facebook.

If you like the app you can download it here for free.

Funtoxication – How drunk are you?

Funtoxication Screen Shot

How much drink is enough for you not to over the limit to drive? Surely the answer is no drink at all. But in case you need to have same casual drink, Funtoxication can help you to estimate your limits. The app will estimate your BAC (blood alcohol content) based on your age, weight, sex, consumption time, alcohol type and drink size.

Funtoxication Screen Shot
The app itself will allow you to track 4 individuals. There will be notification pop up if you are over the legal limit to drive.

Funtoxication Screen Shot

There is a built in taxi search, which will be prompted once you’re over the legal limit to drive, simply hit “ok” when it asks if you need a cab, and it got you covered!

Funtoxication Screen Shot

And there are also 3 different arcade games built in! Each featuring the famous Monkeys in a different arcade setting. The games will test your motor skills, short-term memory, and keep you and your friends entertained for hours!

You can download the app here for .99cents.

Aniway don’t drink and drive. If you have to drink then take a cab. be safe.

Dress Code: Dress to your location.

Dress Code Screen Shot

Have you ever in a position where you are already queuing for hours and finally when you ready to dance for your life, you are told by the bouncer that you can’t get in because of your wrong dress code? Ha2. What a waste of time right. and sure spoils your weekend mood.

Now Dress Code app will save your day. So before you went for queuing, get dress correctly as recommended by the app.

Dress Code Screen Shot

Some of the features of the app
1. Use the ‘Filter’ option to get a list of places that you can get into with what you’re currently wearing or plan to wear
2. Leave comments about the club. Comments are refreshed every Monday so that our users can share minute-by-minute updates
3. Browse clubs and lounges by location, name, and keywords
4. Club Dress Code, photos, and contact information provided

You can more details of the app here.
* Use GPS to find clubs and lounges near you
* The ‘Add Club’ feature allows users to add clubs which will be verified and we will obtain the Dress Code and all subsequent information

Shinobi III : The classic game on iPhone / IOS devices now.

Shinobi III screen Shot Shinobi III screen Shot
Shinobi III screen Shot

Ya the classic game by SEGA, Shinobi III is now also available in iTunes for iPod, iPhone and iPad user for US$2.99. The games is playable to 28 stages.

As mention on iTunes :
The games allow you to move like Ninja, with the the D-Pad or Accelerometer controls to run, wall jump, swing and even ride a Jet Ski and stallion! Fight like a Ninja by utilizing shuriken, swords, stage items, and fierce ninja magic to counter Neo Zeed’s forces

Whistle Phone: turn your iPod to iPhone

Whitle Phone Scren Shot Whitle Phone Scren Shot

Not just for iPod, with Whistle Phone you can actually call for free to your contacts as long as your are connected to the wifi network or 3G connectivity. The apps will work out of the box when you are using the 4th generation iPhone or iPod, but if you are on the third generation you will require to use headphones and microphones in order to use the call feature.

FOR A LIMITED TIME, the app is giving everyone the opportunity to use as many pushes as they want. After this initial offer, push with limits will be free and unlimited push will be available on a subscription basis. Whistle provides ad-free and international calling at low rates.

You can try the apps for free here.

GamesRadar – Solutions to get games cheat for free

Do you have the old game unsolved? Or maybe you need cheats to get unlimited bullets? GamesRadar.com released the new iPhone app that claims to have over 8,600 titles across just about every platform that’s been released in the past 10 years.(Yes that includes the DreamCast as well). With download size of almost 3.1Meg, we can easily search the games title and get the cheats, guides and walkthrough of it in your palm.

Give it a try since its free.