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TweetPic – Ease your picture tweet

Do you wanna share your picture with tweeter and found it difficult to attach the picture. With Tweetpic it gets so much easier.

In conclusion, Tweetpic will let you upload photos directly from your Photo Albums or from iPhone’s Camera to Twitpic.com’s upload service. It’ll then present options to either copy image URL for sharing with others or opening it in Safari browser or seamlessly continuing with using the app.

If the image is too large, it’ll automatically prompt user to use a resized variant or original image itself.

You can also attach a comment to the photo, which forms the body for your Twitter post (Tweet). The link to the image is automatically included in the Tweet. e.g. “it works! http://twitpic.com/3le5t”. And it also support multiple Twitter account.

You can get it here.

appsinphone.com – Birzzle – Great new puzzle for your iPhone / iPad

Birzzle Screen

This new puzzle game by Enfeel inc sure is a great and fun game to play. First impression looks like normal, but as we advance to higher level more complex and fun challenges come along you progress. I am having fun with the game. Buy it and have fun with it.

In the initial stage, the block will be added from below and you progress the blocks will be added on the top, as you can plan ahead. If your blocks filled up your screen the game over.

You can download it via iTunes.

Playstation App in iPhone and Android. Coming soon!

Playstation App on iPhone
Playstation App on iPhone
Playstation App on Android
Playstation App on Android

The new app will :

  • Check out your PlayStation Network trophies and keep up to date with your friends’ games and online status.
  • Discover all the latest games, news and hardware for your PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation 2.
  • Read all the announcements on the European PlayStation.Blog.
  • Share your favourite products or news with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail.

As mention on the playstation eu blog, the first version of the app will be available for the following countries: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands.

BarMax – One of the most expensive apps (but worth it) US$1000

Wah just realised there is actually iPhone app that cost almost one thousand USD, US$999.99 to be exact ha2. BarMax is iPhone apps (now available for iPad), that will help law student to pass the Bar exam. The California version is now ready for purchase. For the law student is actually quite worth it because the actual Bar Exam preparation itself cost them around US$3,000. With BarMax student are given almost 1 Gigabyte of study materials and based on the data from last Bar exam results show that students that used BarMax scored well above average.

These are what included in the purchase:
– 2 months of lecture: outlines & audio lectures for all 12 subjects
– Calendar to guide you through 2 month program
– Email support (live contact with Harvard-educated lawyers)
– Skeleton outlines on your laptop (emailed to you) for note taking
– 1,371 real practice MBE questions from previous exams categorized by subject
– Over 800 flashcards categorized by subject
– 108 real practice CA essay questions with sample answers
– 20 real practice CA performance tests with sample answers

Plus more…

– Welcome packet with all the materials in MS Word format and hard copy printout option
– Lifetime access to the app and course materials once you purchase
– Great tips and tricks on how to perform on exam day and structure your studying
– Review includes: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Crimes, Evidence, Real Property, Torts, Remedies, Professional Responsibility, Civil Procedure, Business Associations (Corporations, Agency & Partnership), Trusts & Wills, and Community Property

Electronic shoppers this for you, Free Newegg Mobile apps for blackberry

Newegg.com the second largest online retailer in US now make electronics shopping even more easier. Newegg just released blackberry mobile apps for the shopper to browse and buy directly from shopper blackberry phone.

NewEgg Blackberry App
NewEgg Blackberry App

Some of the key features of the application :

* Comprehensive product specifications.
* 1.7+ millions customer reviews.
* Detailed item image gallery.
* Quick and simple shopping flow.
* Simple and quick search function.
* Good for deal hunting: Shell Shockers, Daily Deals and Free Shipping.
* All purchases made on Newegg Mobile are routed through Newegg’s secure servers.

You can download the apps here.

Robbery with iPhone app – Better think twice.

Yes there is iPhone apps that can create sounds like gun, but to use it for robbery, you better think twice.

Last Wednesday, a 20 year old man in Connecticut , Jeremy Taylor try to rob Indian restaurant using iPhone but was confronted with real knife by the restaurant staff. He quickly apologized and gave a reason that he just need money to take care a child. The restaurant staff sympathized and doesn’t want to pursue the matter further. He fled but caught by police. Police is investigating the claim, but most likely Taylor will not be charged.

These are some apps that can create gun sound effect on your iphone:




Complete apps review related with gun simulator on iPhone can be found here if you are interested, but please just for fun ya.

Want to have more exposure for your mobile apps? VentureBeat’s Mobile App Spotlight

Mobile apps developer, if you have new mobile apps and want a lot of exposure. This might be for you. The VentureBeat team working with Intel project AppUp is providing platform for developer to share their apps. VentureBeat will profile 3 picked applications and showcase them in their homepage. And with more exposure hopefully you can get more sales for your apps. Link to the VentureBeat’s Mobile App Spotlight.

Geoshare 1.1 (The Mission Lab) – Free apps to share your location to your friend realtime

Geo Share Screen Shot
Geo Share Screen Shot

Lost and don’t know how to tell your friend where you are? Geoshare 1.1 will solve your problem, by using your GPS enabled iPhone, you can send your actual real-time location to your friend in your address book.

Geo Share Sharing
Geo Share Sharing

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Another free video call apps for iPhone by Skype.

skype for iphone
skype for iphone

As mentioned in the document (pulled out now) published in skype official website, in 2011 Skype for iPhone will enabled user to do video chat over 3G and wifi connection with other Skype user either on mobile or desktop.

The apps will be compatible with iPhone 3G and above as long as IOS 4.0 and above is installed. Thank God for that he he. For iPhone 4 user, the apps will allow user to switch camera either front or back camera just by taping to the apps.

Fring, Tanga and Apple Facetime you got your giant competitor now. ha ha. As user we are in benefit for these competitions and it will actually grow the apps further to serve us better. Great.

Push Panic (Appular) – Super simple and fun colour puzzle game.

push panic screen shot
push panic screen shot

Push Panic, the apps name itself sounds exciting and thrilling. ha2.

This iPhone game is so simple and addictive. Have being playing since I install it to my iPhone 3G. It still works very well with 3G. Nice and recommended game.

Push Panic Game Mode
Push Panic Game Mode

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